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Hair Extensions

Discover flawless and stylish Hair Extensions with Rachel Ani! Industry leading techniques with proven hair methods for all types of hair. Scroll down to discover more. 

Rachel Ani • Dallas, Texas

K Tip Hair Extensions

Keratin Tip extensions, commonly known as “K-tips” or fusion extensions, are individual hair extensions applied with a heating tool. They are fused to the client’s natural hair using a silicone resin for a seamless blend.

This technique offers freedom of movement and opens up various styling possibilities such as high ponytails and updos. The bond size is minimal, and K tip extensions can be trimmed down to micro strands, making them suitable for all hair types. Unlike reusable extensions, K tips have a lifespan of 3-5 months with proper care and need no maintenance post-installation.

Ideal for those leading active lifestyles, individuals who often tie their hair up, and those desiring low maintenance and long-lasting wear. Try out K tips next time for a seamless blend and flawless looking hair.

Before & After K Tips

Before and after, using Bellami 24″ K tip hair extensions.

Rachel Ani • Dallas, Texas

I tip Hair Extensions

Itips, commonly referred to as microbeads or microlinks, are individual hair extensions applied using a meticulous strand-by-strand technique. They are secured with a bead or cylinder, eliminating the need for glue or heat during installation.

Similar to a delicate touch, the strand-by-strand application offers optimal flexibility. Itips are compatible with all hair textures, reusable, and can last up to 12 months when well-maintained. 

Itips need to be moved up as they grow out with your natural hair. Move ups are usually between 4-6 weeks depending, on the hairs natural growth rate.

Itips are perfect for individuals with active lifestyles who frequently wear their hair up and prefer to avoid using heat or glue during application. They also offer easy removal for added convenience.

Before & After I Tips

Before and after, using Bellami 24″ I tip hair extensions.

Rachel Ani • Dallas, Texas

Combline Extensions

Combline hair extensions involve attaching individual hair strands with a comb-like tool to your natural hair, providing long-lasting results that seamlessly blend in.

One key benefit is the minimal maintenance required, as they are close to the scalp, allowing easy brushing and styling without harm. Regularly brush with a wide-tooth comb twice daily to prevent tangling. 

Ideal for thick or coarse hair, combline extensions add length, volume, and texture seamlessly. They also suit medium-density hair, offering fullness without weighing it down.

With proper care, they last 6-8 weeks before adjustments are needed, perfect for thick or medium-density hair, providing volume and manageability. Say goodbye to bad hair days with combline extensions!

Before & After Combline

Before and after, using Combline hair extensions.

Rachel Ani • Dallas, Texas

V light Extensions

V light extensions are hair extensions designed to add length and volume without extra weight. One big plus of v light extensions is how they boost fullness in all hair types, even fine ones, adding glamor without harming your natural hair.

Maintenance-wise, v light extensions are low-key, washable, styleable, and dyeable like your real hair. Stick to sulfate-free products and limit heat styling for long-lasting extensions.

Available in various shades and lengths, v light extensions are super lightweight, nearly invisible when applied properly. They give a natural finish for daily wear or special events.

V light extensions are ideal for enhancing your hair effortlessly and safely. Perfect for fine hair, they offer a fuller look without heaviness. With care, they can last months, giving you lush hair year-round.

Before & After V light

Before and after, using V light hair extensions.

Dallas, Texas • Since 1996

Weft Hair Extensions

Hand-tied weft hair extensions offer a versatile and low-maintenance solution for achieving natural-looking results. They are delicately stitched onto your hair without the use of heat, ensuring the health of your hair. Suitable for all hair types, hand-tied wefts complement thick, coarse, or wavy hair textures.

With proper care, these reusable extensions can last up to 6-8 months. Regularly adjusting the wefts every 4-6 weeks as your natural hair grows will help maintain a seamless appearance.

Perfect for individuals desiring volume, coverage, and heat protection, hand-tied weft extensions deliver effortless and stunning transformations.

Before & After Weft Extensions

Before and after, using WEFT Hair Extensions.

Rachel Ani • Dallas, Texas

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In Extensions offer a discreet and versatile solution for clients seeking to personalize their hairstyle. These small tabs, available in double-sided or single-sided options, are affixed using medical-grade adhesive, seamlessly blending with natural hair.

With their latex-free composition, Tape Ins provide flexibility and a sleek appearance, suitable for all hair types. These reusable extensions, necessitating touch-ups every 4-8 weeks to accommodate natural hair growth, can endure 6-8 months with proper care.

Ideal for those desiring swift application, seeking to blend short cuts, or with a sensitive scalp, Tape Ins enhance your style effortlessly!

Before & After Tape Ins

Before and after, using Tape in hair extensions.

Dallas, Texas • Since 1996

Clip-ins & Halo Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a versatile way to add length and volume to your hair, using small “clips” for easy attachment.

They offer a temporary change without the commitment of permanent extensions. Maintenance is minimal, and they can be easily removed and reattached for a quick style switch.

Halo hair extensions, also known as wire extensions, are another popular temporary option that requires no clips or glue. They are low maintenance, gentle on natural hair, and easy to wear.

Both types suit various hair textures, making them ideal for those seeking volume without heavy extensions.

Before & After Clip In & Halo

Before and after, using Bellami 24″ K tip hair extensions.