I offer the best hair extensions in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. I am always advancing my education in the latest techniques. My list of hair extension services are currently as follows:
fusion hair extensions, keratin tips, micro beads, itips, tape ins, volume wefts and hand tied wefts. In addition, I also offer halo and clip in options. These are great options for less commitment to extensions.  I love that hair extensions open the door for an entirely new look for you, resulting in  thicker and or  longer hair.  Transforming your hair is what I love to do. Taking short & sassy pixie to a long  mermaid hair is one of my favorite things!

Professional grade,  human hair extensions are the best and I use the following companies: Hair Dreams, Bellami, DreamCatchers, Cinderella, Hot Heads, Halo Couture, Hairlocs and The Hair Shop. These are the best hair extensions you can currently get in the Dallas area.

hair extensions dallas

  • micro bead hair extensions dallas
  • hand tied extensions dallas
  • Waterfall Beaded Row Hair Extensions
  • extensions for volume
  • short to long extensions
  • WBR Hidden Row Extensions
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  • 8 bundles of _dreamcatchershair wavy tape-in extensions for this stunning transformation
  • 22inch itip _bellamihairpro perfection. πŸ‘Œ ._._._
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  • fine hair extensions

From a pixie cut to mermaid extensions

Transforming a pixie hair style to long, luscious mermaid hair past your waist is a consultation away at my salon in Dallas. There are many ways to utilize human hair extensions. I  will install  extensions for adding length, density, volume and / or fullness.  I even use extensions to  enhance your hair color. You can have a beachy, boho balayage, or a pop of a vivid, fashion color without the use of hair dye. Extension accent pieces, feather hair extensions, hair tinsel or crystal strand extensions, are great for summer fun, festivals or night on the town. Hair extensions can open a whole new world of possibilities.

hair extensions dallas

My extension salon clients in Dallas, receive a custom set of 100% Remy, human hair extensions that look natural and blends with their own hair. I am trained in the latest application methods, cutting and blending techniques. My extension methods are: keratin tip, fusion extensions, i tips, tape ins, hand tied wefts, machine tied wefts, halo extensions and clip in extensions.  I also work with topper pieces for clients who are thinning at the crown.

Choosing the correct extension method for a client is key in longevity and enjoyment of extensions. I take into consideration a clients hair type, density, texture & scalp condition as well as what suits a clients lifestyle. No two extension sets are the same, as no two heads of hair are the same. I need to touch, see, and feel your hair to properly assess achieving the correct method of installation, colors and hair density for your new look.  

fusion hair extensions dallas
best hair extensions dallas

micro bead hair extensions dallas
How much do Hair Extensions cost?

A consultation is required for a personalized price quote. During the consultation, I will discuss in length about installation techniques suitable for your overall look.  My list with a pricing range for method of install, application for volume or length,  and maintainece  pricing can be found here. 

Methods Of Extensions

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