Since 2014, my projects with major companies have impacted me greatly. I have been a part of the Hair & Makeup team for The Miss Twin Peaks National Bikini Competition & in 2017 I was asked to be a part of the team for the Twin Peaks National Calendars.

2018 Calendar shoot was located at the WildCatter Ranch in Graham, Texas. 

Photographers: Zac Grimaldo, Joel Hodge, & Fabien Castro

Hair & Makeup: Ed Gillepsie, Rachel Andonian, Charley Suwannajun, Jami Jackson, Lindsay Ambrosio

2019 Calendar shoot was located in Lake Tahoe in California.

Photographers: Dixie Dixon, Joel Hodge, Fabien Castro & Evan Wallis

Hair & Makeup: Ed Gillepsie, Rachel Andonian, & Lindsay Ambrosio

2020 Calendar shoot was located in Dallas, Texas.

Photographers: Dixie Dixon, Joel Hodge, Fabein Castro, Evan Wallis & Rico DeLeon

Hair & Makeup: Ed Gillepsie, Rachel Andonian, Megan D’Von, Randi Whitaker, & Lindsay Ambrosio


The Frisco, Texas location was opened in 2019. Along with makeup artist Ashley Williams @ashkmakeup, we did the hair and makeup for the Cycle Bar’s head shots & company photo shoot for. This was an awesome project I did.


I was a part of the Aquage project team for their Master Class Academy. I was honored to work with some of the best names in the industry: Ann Bray, Shawna Parvin, Lala Todorovic, Nicole Fowler, Eric Fisher, Luis Alvarez, & Nogodar Martinez. My work was also published in the Aquage industry publication Heads Up.


Every November, The Perot Museum in downtown Dallas, has a Night At the Museum Fundraiser. It is catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering and the proceeds go to STEM, science, technology, engineering and math education in Texas.

In 2016, the project theme was ELEVATE, honoring things and beings in flight. I did the hair, feather hair extensions & makeup for the main models. The models were draped in capes made of beautiful feathers. For the rest of the evening, we applied feather hair extensions and ornate temporary feather tattoos for the attendees.

In 2018, the theme was ROCK THE PEROT, honoring gems & geology. I worked with Kelsey Marsh for this event. We applied crystal tattoos and fiber optic hair pieces. 

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

2019 I was an educator & part of the trade show circuit for Dreamcatchers International. I traveled to Irvine for training, the ISSE show in Long Beach, & the IBS show in New York. I taught classes in Texas and New York & worked to revamp the entire education program.  I was a part of many aspects within the company when it came to bettering the quality of hair extensions.


Featured in the first issue:

Photographers: Gerard Goh

Models: Miles Devin, Brittney Paige

Makeup: Amy Duncan

Hair: Rachel Andonian

Assistant: Trevor Garza


Garden Glamour 2014

Darren Woodson & Tiffany Axner

Photographers: Perez Photography

Location: Marie Gabrielle Gardens Dallas, TX

Makeup: Kay Castro

Hair: Rachel Andonian

Print Edition Pages 266-270:

Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer 2018

Spring/Summer 2018

James Speed & Jessica Seffens

Photographers: Christi Martin Photography

Location: Dallas, TX

Hair & Makeup: Rachel Andonian

Print Edition Pages A13-A16:


December 2016

Modern Salon's Top 9 images of 2016

Model: Peyton Smith @speckledgal

Hair: Rachel Andonian

Print Edition Page 33:

Robin & Mark’s retro 3D Movie Theater Wedding

TV & Film

I have an IMDB page! I worked on a short film shot in Dallas called Sparrow.  The web TV series I was a part of is BailOut TV.


Hair & makeup for the following companies:

Govinndji’s Jewelers

 The True Gem

Silk Threads

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